Anthony David Salon



I recently moved to the area and decided I wanted to make a drastic change to my hair. I immediately took to Yelp to find nearby salons with consistently good reviews. When I decided on Anthony David Salon, I was a little nervous because there were only 8 reviews as compared to the 20 or so for comparable salons, but I liked what was said about the stylists and decided to fill out their online appointment form anyway.

When I was called back, the receptionist told me that stylist that I had requested (based solely on the reviews I read) was out on vacation, but that Krysten had an appointment available. I was a little hesitant because I hadn't read a lot about Krysten, but decided to go for it anyway.

Seriously -- I have no regrets!!

I took a couple of pictures for reference and then told Krysten that I wanted her most honest, brutal opinion of whether or not she thought it would work on me. She gave it to me! Thank goodness for an honest stylist and, fortunately for me, it wasn't brutal. ;) You know how you always end up spilling your life story to your hair stylist? As we were talking, Krysten started making suggestions for changes to the style based on her perception of my personality, job and lifestyle. She would say things like, "I can tell that you're creative, so let's try this instead." She emphasized taking the celebrity style that I liked and making it my own and she was spot on!

As she dried and styled my hair, Krysten offered suggestions throughout since I have never dealt with such a short style. She repeatedly told me that she was willing to answer phone calls with any questions I have about styling. She was really passionate and adamant about me having good hair *every* day, not just the day of my haircut.

Let me tell you - my hair is short, it has amazing shape and such incredible movement. I couldn't be happier. I took a big risk, but it was more than worth it. Definitely give Krysten at Anthony David Salon a try.

Beth M - Bedford MA

I would give them 6 stars, if I could!
I was married in Burlington 2 weeks ago, and although I grew up 20 minutes from there, the town outside of the mall was a mystery to me. I had no idea where to go for hair, makeup, or nails. I began searching on Yelp and asking for quotes for 5 bridesmaids and my own hair. Some of the salons replied with prices that were just outrageous, considering this is not Newbury Street. $1000 for 5 blowouts and an updo? Oh and they said we could bring our own champagne if we wanted! Gee, thanks...

Enter Anthony David. I called and spoke with the receptionist, who was extremely helpful and friendly. She explained that Krysten would call me back, as she is the resident updo expert. Krysten called me the next day, and sounded so fantastic on the phone, that I went in for a trial SIX months before my actual wedding. I loved everything about the salon. It's beautiful, everyone was super nice, and it's in the weirdest strip mall ever.

Anyway, on the day of my wedding, my bridesmaids, my mom and me caravaned over to the salon and were welcomed with bagels, cream cheese, coffee and mimosas! So unnecessary after our giant breakfast at the hotel...but we made sure to eat and drink everything anyway :) Then the hair started. Krysten and Jackie gave my girls the BEST blowouts I have ever seen. Seriously. The girls looked like movie stars! Exactly what I had envisioned. Then Krysten started on my updo. I gave her the picture of Jessica Alba that I had been coveting, and I can honestly say that my hair was better than Jessica's. Unbelievable. Also, all of us still looked fabulous at the end of the night following 3 hours of dancing (and sweating...).

So...moral of the story: my wedding day was beautiful, and made even more beautiful by the amazing staff at Anthony David. Thank you so very much :)

Rebecca B - Needham, MA

If you don't like reading long reviews, you can stop here, but just promise me you'll check out this salon!  If you do like reading long reviews, sit back and enjoy--I have so many good things to share!  

I've been dragging my heels to find a salon closer to my house for about a year now.  I'm sure a lot of people can relate with the fact that finding a new stylist is a nerve racking experience, especially when you've been happy with your own, if it not for the inconvenient drive.  In my quest, I've poured over reviews.  Marked down and then ruled out places where the reviews seem too good to be true (weird I know). Stopped strangers in stores to find out who does their hair.  Emailed hair stylists to get their recommendations...dear god I felt insane and it needed to stop.  

Enter Anthony David Salon, and Exit my hair research OCD.  After reading through all of these other positive reviews, I took the leap and visited this salon for a cut and color--I. COULD. NOT. BE. HAPPIER.  If I could have climbed to the roof of the Burlington Mall with a megaphone to shout my praises after my appointment, I would have. Seriously.  

The salon itself is gorgeously designed--minimal, modern, sleek, spotless-- yet also incredibly comfortable and unpretentious.  While waiting for color to process, the salon chairs are equipped with massagers and a range of new magazines.

At the salon I witnessed many women walking in, worn down from the terrible snowy weather and leaving with fabulous hair and smiles.  Jackie and Anthony were the stylists working that day. They were both extremely nice, down to earth and took time to listen, understand and advise their clients--so important and appreciated!

Jackie has a few promotions running that you should jump on if you are looking for a beautiful cut, at a rate that I would consider to be a steal for how talented she is.

Anthony has years of experience in the industry and has won many awards.  What most impressed me about him is that he also studied art and still keeps up with his painting. Why does this matter? Artists understand color, shape, form, design, creativity and precision--all the makings of a gorgeous sculpture, or conversely a stunning hair cut.

The Salon even has its own line of shampoo and conditioner that left my fine hair full of volume, very soft, shiny and smelling great!

I left the salon with sparkling, NATURAL highlights that made my hair feel and appear healthy and shiny.  I also left with a killer short hair cut that is modern, youthful, flattering and will be easy for me to do myself.

A true gem.

Tara B - Boston, MA

Went to Anthony David after purchasing an eversave for $40 for a gloss treatment, wash, cut & style. My appointment was with Jackie.

Lots of parking and VERY clean salon. Everything is open. I arrived 15 minutes early and was taken right away. I had a wash and then the gloss treatment and at the dryers they have all the good mags, a back massage machine and an iPad! 15 minutes flew by with all of that.

Jackie then came to get me for the rinse and cut. She was super nice and friendly. I was honest with her and said I hadn't had my hair cut in almost 2 years. She couldn't believe it. But she suggested a cut that if I didn't come back for another 2 years would be easy to maintain. I liked that she wasn't trying to make it so I had to come back over and over again. Jackie was very personable and I felt that I was in great hands.

As she was styling my hair she was telling me what she was doing and giving me tips for doing it at home.

Overall, it was a great experience. If I decide to get my hair cut more regularly I would definitely go back and see Jackie.

Marissa S.- ZYX Group, Ltd.